EFAW - Emergency First Aid at Work - 8 hr course

For businesses & individuals who require a First Aid qualification but do not work with potentially dangerous machinery or chemicals etc. & do not have a large workforce this has become the recognised 'standard' course.  It covers CPR, dealing with unconscious casualties, choking, wounds & bleeding & how to deal with some common medical conditions.  We also offer a specific Pediatric Emergency First Aid Course (8hr).

FAW - First Aid at Work - 18 hr course

If you require a slightly more detailed course, have a larger work force or perhaps work with tools or in an environment with specific higher level risks you may wish to have an FAW certificate.  The course covers all elements of EFAW but also looks at fractures, chest injuries, crush injuries, head injuries & a number of medical conditions including diabetes & asthma.  We will also show you safe methods to move casualties when necessary.

Basic First Aid & Safe Use of an Automated External Defibrillator

This course covers CPR, dealing with an unconscious casualty, choking & use of an Automated External Defibrillator.  AED's are now common in many public buildings & places.  They are also increasingly a feature of business premises.  This course covers the key aspects of First Aid but also provides hands on experience with AED's.  You may choose to add an AED extension to your EFAW or FAW course.